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Hi Tammy and Bob,                                                                          March    2015

Just wanted to send a quick email and let you know Luna is doing amazing! She is such a mellow gentle
well behaved puppy. She sleeps through the night and has only had a couple accidents in the house
and it wasn't so much her fault as playing with the kids and them not realizing she had to go out. She
isn't fond of her kennel at all, managed to escape once and rubbed a raw spot on her nose trying to the
next day. Since then we've left her to roam the house during the day with our lab and hasn't destroyed
anything. She and Olive (our lab) bonded immediately and are inseparable. Luna had her first visit with
our vet on Friday and now weighs in at 47 lbs. They were in love with her at the clinic and said she is
very impressive and absolutely perfect.

Thank you again for raising these incredible dogs..we couldn't be happier!

PS: The kitchen is her favorite spot to hang out..funny how quick they figure that out :-)
                                   Nick & Corey & Family
                                                               SnowyMeadow Newfs                                                              May  2015

                                      Thank you so much ...........April And Family
Robin Bush
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know, once again, how greatful we are for our dearest Journey! She
came along when we needed a friend, the most. She isn't just a pet, she is our family and we adore her
without end. When she isn't hanging out at home with Spencer and I, she spends her days with my Mom
(doggy daycare) irritating my Mom's old girls, Marley and Tilly! On evenings / weekends she goes everywhere
with Spencer and I. She doesn't think it's necessary to ever be home without us. She just got a new collar with
a big flower on it, as she is my little Flower Child, she's a free spirit and takes everything in stride! She hates
when Spencer is away with his Dad and will sit for hours, staring down the dirt road, awaiting Spencer's
arrival. She loves ice cubes and laying on the air conditioned vents! At the lake she refuses to leave the water
if Spencer and the little's are playing in the water and she never leaves the water unless she follows them out!
She is a bit of a beggar. If she hears a bag a Doritos being opened you can assure that Journey will be sitting
on your feet waiting for a chip or two. If Spencer is eating popcorn she lays by the table in hopes that he may
drop a kernel or two. At bedtime, after Spencer is asleep she wanders and patrols the house until I go to bed.
If Spencer sleeps in his own bed (which is rare) she sleeps in the hallway between our rooms, if we sleep
together she sleeps on her bed at the end of my bed. On occasions she has been known to jump up on the
bed, in between us. Once a month she visits the "nursing home" while Dr. Everson and I do rounds. She has
become a bit of a celebrity and after her first visit was asked that she continue to come, as the residents
adored her, and in turn she loved them as well!  Once again, she came into our lives at the most perfect time
and we are so greatful ! So, from the bottoms of our hearts, Thank You for blessing us with our biggest
Journey! We adore her and can't wait to see what the future has in store for our family!
Here is a video of
Luna And Olive
Her Best Buddy
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