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Soft Slicker Brushes ideal for grooming fine-haired pets, and those with delicate skin or skin
ailments. These grooming tools have molded, double-coated rubber handles that fit the hand
perfectly and provide greater control for comfortable, effortless brush outs.
Our ergonomic Master Grooming Tools™ Stripping Tools remove loose hair and thin out undercoats quickly and easily. Specially designed
curved blades are made of hardened stainless steel with rounded ends for safety.
Strips coats cleanly and effectively, leaving coats and skin healthy
Contoured, ribbed rubber handles fit comfortably and securely in the hand for better control and comfort
Use the 6 Blade, 8 Blade, 10 Blade and 12 Blade for extra thick through medium textured coats
Use the 16 Blade for prep work and thinning
Use the 20 Blade for soft, fine coats
Rake through the coat to remove the undercoat, to demat, thin coat, or create a hand-stripped or carded look on terriers or sporting
breeds. For best results, and to avoid removing excessive top coat, use only in the direction of hair growth. Each tool measures 6½"L and
comes blister packed for retail display. Replacement blades are available and sold separately (see item #TP432).

Items may be combined for quantity discounts.

Material: Stainless steel blades; Contoured, ribbed rubber handles
Size: 6½"L

Directions for use: Using light pressure, comb stripping tool through coat in the direction of hair growth. Do no go against or across hair
growth, as this will result in excessive cutting of hair. Use for coat thinning, removing dead hair, and removing mats and tangles. Use as

Remove excess hair from blades by hand. Clean stripper with a soft brush or use a mild cleaner.
ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler - 32 oz

Produces a show-ring sheen on coat, mane & tail that lasts a week! Not affected by water or
liniment baths. Repels dust and dirt, and prevents stains. Non-sticky formula keeps body and
tails tangle-free while accentuating body tone and definition. Saves hours of grooming. Put
On Behind Ears ,Feathers And Chest Then Overall Body
Tangle free, reducing grooming time by as much as 80%. ShowSheen Hair Polish lasts a
week between washings.
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Quick and efficient pet nail trimming is easy with the cordless
Dremel 2-Speed Pet Nail Grooming Kit. Includes the nail
grinder, charger, instructional manual, battery, wrench and five
sanding wheels.